Engineering Admin Internship


Employer: Phillipi-Hagenbuch

Location: Peoria, IL

Sector(s): Manufacturing, Administration

Job Category: Part-Time, Internship, Job Shadowing

Timeframe: Weekdays

Hourly Pay: $8.25/hr

PHIL’s Engineering Department is looking for an organized individual to assist them in delivering finished designs to the Production Department to be fabricated. This role assists by organizing project documents and assisting with data entry as needed. Throughout the experience, students will be allowed to shadow other careers of interest.

Technologically savvy: Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Word, and OneNote; familiarity with Microsoft Access, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Outlook is a preferable.
Highly-trusted: Trusted with highly-confidential information, dependable, shows up on time daily
Organized: Thorough, detailed, able to set and adhere to deadlines.

If interested please send a resume and professional email to Cheyenne Sapp, Human Resources Manager, at For more information call (309) 697-9200 with questions.