Sales Development Associate

Employer: BossTek

Location: Peoria, IL

Sector(s): Sales

Job Category: Part-Time, Internship

Timeframe: Weekdays

Begins: January 01, 2018

Hourly Pay: $8.25/hr

BossTek Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting Program Objective: Through the Lead Generation and Sales Prospecting Program, BossTek team members – Sales Development Associates – will provide crucial support to the sales department. The goal of the program is to ensure BossTek maintains a supply of qualified leads to support the sales pipeline. Overview: The program contains three functions, outlined below. 1.	Product and industry/application expertise The Sales Development Associate will utilize BossTek sales and marketing materials to become familiar with the product and industry/applications we serve, and establish subject matter expertise. Materials include: •	Product User Manuals and Quick Start Guides •	Product specification sheets •	Job stories •	White papers •	Product overview videos • Sales scripts and talking points for the DustBoss and OdorBoss products The Sales Development Associate will also learn about BossTek’s sales funnel and strategies. 2.	Lead generation and information validation The Sales Development Associate will be responsible for finding potential leads through several lead generation tools including: •	Google Alerts •	Trade show attendee lists •	Trade association member lists •	Government bids •	Trade press and industry newsletters Once a lead has been discovered, the Sales Development Associate will validate the lead’s contact information, using ZoomInfo or by searching the company’s website. Once the information has been confirmed, the Sales Development Associate will create (or update) a Lead record in NetSuite. The Sales Development Associate will also cleanse and maintain existing Lead records in NetSuite. 3.	Lead qualifying Once several potential leads have been found, the Sales Development Associate will call the leads, using Connect and Sell, to determine if they are qualified or not. The Sales Development Associate will update the NetSuite record following the conversation. If the lead is determined to be unqualified, it will be designated as such. If the lead is determined to be qualified, the Sales Development Associate will inform the Sales Manager who will assign a sales representative to follow up on it. Resources: Each Sales Development Associate will be provided with the following resources: •	Access to a computer and phone • Access to BossTek email –	•	NetSuite account •	Connect and Sell account Compensation: Sales Development Associates will be paid an hourly wage based on their experience and qualifications. In addition to the base pay, all associates are eligible for the following incentives, at the discretion of the Sales Manager, for generation and initial contact of a lead that results in: Quote: $25	Demo: $50	Rental: $175	Sale: $350 Organization: Sales Development Associates will report to the Sales Manager, and will also be supported by the Operations Manager. Resources/Accounts/Processes Product and Application Resources: Resource	Location Product User Manuals and Quick Start Guides	Product specification sheets	Job stories	And White papers and miscellaneous support documents	Landing page: (click the links for more) Product overview videos Sales Scripts/Talking Points: During onboarding, the sales manager will review our current sales scripts/talking points documents with the Sales Development Associates. Sales Scripts are saved: Lead Alerts Email: All Sales Development Associates/Interns will have access to a shared Lead Alerts email – Access the lead alerts email via Outlook remote website: •	Link: •	User name: alerts •	Password: 4Leadsourcing! Use this email to forward leads to the sales team. Do not use this email externally. BossTek Sales Funnel: BossTek utilizes a standard Sales Funnel to capture and qualify leads. Review the sales funnel: Lead Sources: • Google Alerts o	Dozens of Google Alerts have been set up to automatically email o	Read each alert and determine if it’s a viable prospect. Some clues: ?	Are they having dust or odor issues? ?	Is there a lawsuit or community complaint for dust or odor? ?	Major project involving: demolition, remediation, asbestos removal, etc. ?	Is it an outdoor festival? o Research potential leads (using ZoomInfo and company websites), and determine if they are a viable prospect •	Trade Press Email Newsletters/Online Magazines o	Several trade press and industry association email newsletters are sent to
-Applicants must commit to 10-35 hours per week -Applicants must be enrolled in an educational program -Applicants must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
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